Click on the pictures below and understand why our location is prime. See distances from our inn to the places you will have access:

Lojas e Services em um raio de 850 metros da pousada

What are you going have access walking? (Radius of 850 meters)

We are located in the commercial center of Meia Praia beach. Leaving the inn on foot you have access to many shops and services. Here we list some of them, along with their respective distance.

Sobre a cidade de Itapema - SC

What's in Itapema? (8 km radius)

Here we talk a bit about our city.

What you have access to the region known as the Emerald Coast? (Radius of 15 Km)

The region known as the Emerald Coast includes four cities: Balneario Camboriu, Itapema, Porto Belo and Bombinhas. Are all nearby tourist cities that bind in the same urban area:

Informações sobre a Costa Esmeralda

What other cities and tourist spots in the region of Santa Catarina? (Radius of 100 km)

This region of Santa Catarina is very populated and here we list the top destinations:

Informações fobre esta região de Santa Catarina
Informa como você pode chegar na nossa pousada

Getting into our inn?

Here is how you do to arrive at our hostel without getting lost along the way.

Possibilita um tour virtual na nossa vizinhança

Take a Virtual Tour in the Inn street

Using the Google tool here you can take a tour in our neighborhood.